Village Inhabitants in 1777

From 1757 parishes were liable by law to provide a small number of men for training for militia purposes. They generally included the most able bodied men in the parish and are thus a sort of quasi - census.

The Northamptonshire militia lists of 1777 include a list for Warmington taken on December 15th 1777.

The list includes males aged 18 - 45, but certain classes were exempt, e.g. peers, clergymen, constables, apprentices, seamen and poor men with 3 legitimate children. It will be noticed that many of the surnames are not only local in origin, but some are still found in the village although the spelling is slightly different.

  1. William Abbot, Labourer 
  2. John Askill, Servant 
  3. John Axx, Shepherd 
  4. William Baker, Labourer 
  5. Thomas Belcarmical, Labourer 
  6. Richard Bright, Servant
  7. Henry Brockwell, Mason
  8. John Brudnell, Servant
  9. William Brudnell, Cordwainer
  10. William Bullimore, Carpenter
  11. James Carter, Servant
  12. Sam Chadborn, Labourer
  13. Francis Chapman, Servant
  14. William Clark, Servant
  15. Matthew Cooper, Farmer
  16. Thomas Cooper (Jun), Farmer
  17. Daniel Cox (Jun), Servant
  18. William Craddock, Labourer 
  19. William Crooks, Taylor
  20. Joseph Crowthorn, Servant
  21. Edmund Cunnington, Farmer
  22. William Drake, Taylor
  23. Thomas Ellis, Butcher
  24. Robert Fowler (Jun), Farmer
  25. John Freeman, Miller
  26. William Garn, Labourer
  27. John Goodwin, Servant
  28. Daniel Harker, Mason
  29. David Harker, Taylor
  30. John Harker, Gardener
  31. William Harker, Servant
  32. George Harris, Labourer
  33. Thomas Henson, Labourer
  34. Thomas Howard, Servant
  35. William Howes (Jun), Servant
  36. Richard Jinks, Labourer
  37. William King, Miller
  38. Humphrey Leach, Cordwainer
  39. Richard Mays, Labourer
  40. Robert Milborn (Jun), Labourer
  41. John Mitchelson, Labourer
  42. John Mutton, Labourer
  43. William Negus, Servant
  44. Francis Negus (Jun), Servant
  45. John Noble, Labourer
  46. John North, Labourer
  47. Benjamin Pain, Servant
  48. Daniel Palmer, Labourer
  49. Issac Pendred, Farmer Constable
  50. William Pendred, Farmer
  51. Robert Penn, Blacksmith
  52. George Reynold, Servant
  53. George Scotney, Taylor
  54. Thomas Benit, Servant
  55. Robert Shorman, Gelder
  56. Thomas Smith, Servant
  57. Henry Snow, Labourer
  58. John Southwell, Servant
  59. William Southwell, Farmer
  60. Robert Sutton, Farmer
  61. Thomas Townley, Labourer
  62. John Upecks, Servant
  63. Richard Upecks, Servant
  64. Thomas Weed, Servant
  65. James Wright, Carpenter