ACRE Bulk Oil Buying Syndicate

Want to save money on your heating oil?

ACRE is an acronym for “Action For Communities of Rural England”. The ACRE Bulk Oil Buying Syndicate has been formed in order to obtain cheaper heating oils for individuals by negotiating prices on a bulk order. Charity Number 1080038

The annual £20.00 membership fee covers any number of orders within the years membership, thus making it ideal for spreading the cost throughout the year by regular top ups. Members who ordered in November 2011 saved £30 on 500 litres, already having recovered the £20 membership. On each future order within the membership period, savings will be 100%.

There is no condition regarding quantity you can order other than the 500 litres min., thereafter, the price per litre remains the same. Also there is no restriction as to how often you can place an order of 500 litres plus – you can even request a “Top Up”.

Membership forms can be downloaded from, completed and sent to Northamptonshire ACRE with a cheque for £20.00 prior to the next ordering date.