Local Networking

There are many talented people in Warmington, some who run their own businesses and some who have special interests which they would like to share with others.  In this page we want to help people get in touch with other Warmington people who might not be listed in any other pages. This may include people who have talents in arts and crafts, sports, history...anything! Please contact us if you would like to be added to this network. 

John Rhodes, Railway Expert

"Since I have an interest in the history of railways, I wrote a number of books during the 1980s and early 1990s about local branch lines that had closed down (including the Oundle line). All of these books, except one, have long been out of print (but can apparently be found in second-hand bookshops at vastly inflated prices!) although I am in the process of preparing a book on the Stamford railways for a re-print at some time in the future. I'm expecting sales to rocket up into the dozens.... I also did an anthology of extracts about Christmas (also out of print!).

 In addition, I dabble in water-colour painting, helped by a weekly visit to a class in Elton." 

Deborah James (Carpenter), Artist

Deborah is a wonderful artist produciing contemporary pointillism & impressionist  paintings in watercolour, acrylic, oil and pastel.  Commissions accepted.  "Working from my studio in the lovely Northamptonshire village of Warmington,  the surrounding countryside and stunning views from my studio are a constant inspiration".

Take a look at her website http://www.deborahjamespaintings.co.uk/.