Neighbourhood Watch - Dog Watch

Following the hugely successful launch of Dog Watch in East Northamptonshire and Wellingborough, the Dog Watch team have extended the scheme across the whole county and are keen to invite all members of Community Connect to join as a member.
Dog watch, originally developed in Stevenage as a way of extending the already successful Neighbourhood Watch network to the wider community, caught the attention of local Neighbourhood Watch coordinator Ian Blackburn-Elliot, who along with the Dog Watch team, have introduced the scheme to Northamptonshire.
The scheme recognises it is often those who walk their dogs, runners or anyone who likes to get out and about, who are the first to spot something unusual or amiss, such as criminal damage or an incident of anti-social behaviour, providing valuable eyes and ears for the community.
The scheme is open to anyone aged 16 or over and you do not need to be a member of a Neighbourhood Watch scheme to join Dog Watch.
The head co-ordinator Ian Blackburn-Elliot said: “It is a sad fact that the missing links in many crimes are often in out of the way places in our countryside, or areas without passing traffic. Dog walkers are often the means by which vital evidence is found, as dogs stray into areas not normally frequented by passers by.
“It has been proved that the ‘Dog Watch’ scheme, not only has the potential to discover evidence, which may help to solve a crime, it can also make a difference to the surrounding community”.
Chief Inspector Gary Ashton, a supporter of Dog Watch said: “Since its earliest days, policing has been a community activity. I am always keen to extend community involvement in policing. The Dog Watch Scheme provides such an opportunity, as dog walkers are frequently the first to discover something out of the ordinary in their local area.”
To join the scheme, you can either click here to complete the online application form or call the Dog Watch team on 03000 111 222 x 5724.

Message sent by Community Connect Team (C1174, Admin, Northamptonshire Police)